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        Bruce B Update

        March 28, 2020

        Bruce B Update: Updated – March 30, 2020 On March 28, staff at Bruce B responded to a release of approximately 20 litres of heavy water in Unit 6 which has been shut down since Jan. 17 for Major Component … Read more

        Bruce A Update

        January 30, 2020

        On January 30, Bruce A staff discovered a small amount of heavy water on the floor of Unit 2. Station staff followed procedures to allow for safe clean-up, including assembling of Bruce A employees away from the affected area. Unit … Read more

        Bruce A update

        May 7, 2019

        On May 6, Bruce A staff discovered a small amount of water from the heat transport system (approximately 200 millilitres, which is less than a pop can) on the floor of Unit 3. Tritium was detected in the area and … Read more

        Bruce B update

        December 7, 2018

        Bruce Power continues to monitor the release of mineral oil, which occurred Thursday night when a transformer failed outside Unit 8. The unit was offline for planned maintenance. A mineral oil sheen was observed late this morning in the station’s … Read more

        Bruce B update

        On Dec. 6, a failure of a transformer outside the Unit 8 building at the Bruce B generating station, resulted in a release of mineral oil. The unit was offline for planned maintenance. There is a collection system designed and … Read more

        Bruce B Safety Update

        October 16, 2018

        An employee is back to work today after an electrical contact event on Monday, Oct. 15. The employee was conducting welding work on a boiler system during Unit 8 outage activities when they received an electrical contact. The employee left … Read more

        Unit 3 update

        July 25, 2018

        Unit 3 was returned to service after a seven-day forced outage.

        Unit 3 update

        July 19, 2018

        Unit 3 was removed from service for a forced outage.

        Unit 4 update

        June 16, 2018

        Unit 4 was returned to service after a 105-day planned outage.

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